Go to the game page, you will get an option of 4 games from which to choose. Game 1 allows you to play from 1 Play Card, Game 2, from 2 Play Cards, Game 3 from 3 Play Cards and 4 from 4. Choose the desired game baring in mind that each Play Card is for $1.00.
Once on the page, select the “Play” button, this will first produce the Call Card numbers for the game. The Play Card will appear blank, select the cards separately and the numbers of the selected card will be revealed. Those on the Play Card that matches those on the Call Card will be highlighted and providing they form any of the patterns layed out below, they will be a winner paying out to your wallet the amount associated with the pattern in question.

In registering you are ask to supply an email address, please ensure that the email provided is associated to a valid PayPal account with which all your transactions will be done or you will never be paid.
All funds in your account goes to your game wallet which will then be sent to your PayPal account upon been declared. A minimum of $20.00 must be in your wallet for you to Cash Out from the Site.

Bingo4adollar.com chooses to use PayPal as their desired financial platform to ensure the safety of their user’s credentials. We do not collect details of our users credit cards or personal financial information, your PayPal account has adequate details to recognize you as a real person.

When you win your money goes into your game wallet instantly. Upon declaring the funds, your money will be sent to your PayPal account within 24 hours of such declaration under normal circumstances.

Bingo4adollar.com is open to anyone Worldwide who is over the age of 18 and has a PayPal account. Payments are made to individual PayPal accounts and each person is responsible for taxes charged against their fun